What should I do about the wild heart and the tame?
The wild heart that wants to be free,
and the tame heart that wants to come home.
—Jeannette Winterson, from the novel Lighthousekeeping


How are you tending your wild heart?

How are you creating a true home for your beautiful tame heart to rest in?

HeartOnlyThese are the kinds of questions I call “generative questions” or “living questions.” They don’t want to be answered quickly, but instead to be lived into, to be asked again and again, to be pondered and felt.

Try This: A beautiful way to do this is to write these questions at the top of a page in your journal and then use the practice of freewriting to answer them. Set a timer for 15-minutes and just write, letting the pen flow freely without censoring or pausing to think. See what surprises, insights, wisdom, beauty turns up on the page.

I invite you to explore your wild heart and your tame heart. What supports you to roam freely in the wilds of your imagination, your feelings, your world? What do you need? What supports you to truly come home to yourself and to feel at home in the world, with others? What would it take?

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To your wild heart,


Heart flames image copyright Dreamstime, Cabin in the mountains by Bogdan Dum