The winter solstice is a time to pause, a time to reflect. It is a portal, an opening to the mystery. The darkest day, the longest night. Entering the deep cold. Entering the dark void from which life springs.

The seed is deep within the earth, sleeping, waiting for its time to ripen. The child is in the womb in smallest embryo.

The winter solstice is a time of turning inward for rest, reflection, revisiting the year that’s ending. A time for renewal and preparation for the new spring, new beginnings to come. A time to dream into what will be planted in the new year. To go inward for vision. To listen to our hearts and souls, not our busy, goal-oriented minds.

resting at the winter solstice
photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Our bodies want to hibernate, to be quiet, still, solitary. And yet so much outer activity tends to happen at this time of year. It can be challenging.

Being social and celebrating are good and vital activities too. There is a reason big festivals and holidays happen in many cultures at this dark, cold time of year. We need the lights, colors, joy, hope. We need love and communion.

But we need rest and quiet too. To honor what’s passing or past. To tune into what will be birthed in the new and give it time to show itself.

We need to celebrate the light that returns while honoring the darkness. We welcome the dawning of new consciousness, the sun coming back to us, as well as the beautiful mystery of winter.

The winter solstice is a time to pause, bless the outgoing year, release what needs to be let go in order to be open and clear for the new—any regrets, bitterness, disappointment, any losses that need to be grieved. It is a time to rest in the sacred gap. To take stock of what was gained, learned, what went well and didn’t, what was blessed. So we can shape our lives around what is most whole and holy, most soulful and beautiful, most alive for us.

setting intentions on the winter solstice
photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

When we give ourselves plenty of time for this pause and reset, when we give ourselves time to rest and tune in patiently, we are rewarded with energy and vision for the new year.

In early 2019 I have two beautiful offerings for those who wish to journey to their deepest, most alive selves and create lives of deep meaning, fulfillment and grace.

One is The Artist’s Way. The other is Living Your Dreams.

I invite you to look at each of them. Then, get quiet and listen to your heart.

  • Are one of these journeys calling to you now?
  • Do you long for the skillful guidance, structure, powerful tools and support to truly shine?
  • Would you love to embark with a small group of creative dreamers on an extraordinary adventure?
  • Are you yearning to shape your life around what lights you up and has deep meaning for you?

You will know. And when you do, let heart rather than fear guide your choice.

Say yes to yourself and your soul. Say yes to co-creating the world we wish to inhabit and a life that brings joy and blessing to yourself and others.

To your greatness,


P.S. If you need help sorting which journey is right for you or have questions about either course, sign up for a free ½ hour Discovery Session with me, and we will explore together openly, from heart.