Summer draws to a close and Autumn nears.

WomanBlowingHearts_123rfAccording to the astrologers, we are in a time right now that asks us to ask ourselves: “What makes your heart sing?” and to align our lives more completely with that, to make choices that validate our deepest dreams, desires, needs, longings, rather than choosing fear and habit.

We are asked to re-align the way we spend our resources, so that they are supporting what is most important to us, what feeds our heart, our spirit, our soul. We are encouraged to be bold and to try something new in alignment with our deep values.

We are supported in taking actions now that kindle our heart and soul, our creativity, our big life dreams, our outrageous selves. These actions could then unfold over a long time in extraordinary ways.

smilingFallCoupleSo, why not move with the support of this time and set yourself up to have an amazing Autumn, to finish the year in such a way that you are in a completely new reality at the start of next year?

In the spirit of that, I am calling you to look into your heart now and consider joining me for a profound journey that could radically open your path of heart, fulfillment, creativity and joy.

That journey is called The Artist’s Way, and it is truly about living an artful life. If you would like to find out how this journey could empower you to live in alignment with your soul’s callings and your heart’s dreams, click here for the Telecourse or here for the Grass Valley course. I’m offering HUGE incentives for those who sign up early.