Enthusiam is an essential feeling to keep making contact with on the path to living our Dreams. Enthusiasm comes from Greek words meaning “the God within” (En-theos), or you could think of it as that essential Divine spark in each of us. When we feel enthusiastic toward our Dreams, we are literally inspired (spirit within). We light up, we have energy, we have bright ideas, and we move with much greater ease and joy through the obstacles and challenges to our Dreams. We are guided by our innate inner spark towards the life that is right for us, the life that deeply fulfills us and lets us give our gifts and find ourĀ  native joy. And, our enthusiasm is contagious and inspires others to help us and join us, to support us in our Dreams.

If you’ve lost that spark of Enthusiasm for whatever your heart desires, it’s time to re-kindle it or else choose a new dream to follow. One way to re-kindle it is to ask your heart or your deepest self: “Why is this Dream important to me? What will it give me? How will it benefit me? Who will I be being inside the fulfillment of this dream? What will it give to others? How will it contribute to our world?”

Ask your heart and listen deeply for the answers. Close your eyes and see/feel/hear with as many senses and as vividly as possible the answers to these questions. Be patient and trusting of whatever comes. Connect with what I call the “deep why” of your dream.

You may need to go several levels with this, asking of the first response you get, “and why is that important to me?” and continuing to delve deeper to the deepest why, the deepest most heart-connected motivation for your Dream. When you find that, you will either find your natural, unstoppable enthusiasm, or you will find this dream is not really for you–it doesn’t light you up.

In that case, maybe it was someone else’s dream for you, or what you thought you needed or should want, and you don’t need it any more. Phew! Now you’re free to find what you are really called to. If you don’t know what Life is calling you to, I encourage you to join me for The Artist’s Way and discover for yourself. Even if you’ve done the course before, it may be time to go to the next level of discovery.

To your beautiful enthusiasm and spark,