With the spirit of Imagination, you make use of your natural, brilliant, creative imagination (that we all have) to help light the way, inspire you, and call forth what you dream for your life.

Using visualization, writing, dancing the dream, collage, vocalization, and any other creative expressions, you bring the dream to life vividly, using all of your senses.

And you don’t just do this once or twice; you keep using your imagination all along the way to imagine the Dream fully realized in your life, to imagine the steps to your Dream, to imagine who you need to be being inside the fulfillment of your Dream.

This pre-paves the way for the Dream to manifest and helps guide you to right action and to the right Dreams themselves. If you cannot vividly imagine the fulfillment of your Dream, it is either not a heartfelt Dream, not right for you, or there is a block inside that needs releasing–so, this is important to know!

Your imagination will supply you with helpful and surprising information, steps to take you might not have dreamed, changes of direction, and healing that needs to happen. It also helps bring your body, mind, heart and spirit into alignment with the Dream. Using your imagination is one of the most powerful tools for Dream creation, and it’s uplifting and fun!

What have you found is a helpful spirit in creating your Dreams?