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Hi, I am Maxima Kahn. I am a writer of poetry, fiction, and essays. I’m also an avant-garde violinist, a composer, and a dancer. Making art and living an artful life are what I do.

My first full-length collection of poems, Fierce Aria, was published by Finishing Line Press 2020 and was a finalist for an Eric Hoffer Book Award.

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Creative Sparks

9 Excellent Reasons to Make Art

9 Excellent Reasons to Make Art

Making art is a profoundly good thing to do with your time. It makes our world a better place. Yet almost all artists struggle with doubt about whether what they are doing is worthwhile. Many of us have also been told that when we are making art, we're doing something...

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On Generosity: Sacred Key to Abundance and Joy

On Generosity: Sacred Key to Abundance and Joy

At the start of 2020, I chose generosity as my word of the year, not knowing consciously what we were in for globally that year. Or rather, the word chose me. I started this essay back then, exploring how generosity can enlarge me as an artist and human being, and I...

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Make Your Art in Ten Minutes a Day

Make Your Art in Ten Minutes a Day

In January, I decided to take on the challenge of writing every day for ten minutes for a month. My creative schedule for years has been four days a week for two or more hours at a time. I keep this schedule religiously, and it works well for me. So, why did I take on...

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