Maxima KahnIn this free 55-minute Introduction to the Artist’s Way with Maxima Kahn…

You’ll discover the spiritual, philosophical and psychological foundations of the course and exactly how it works to bring such life-changing results to thousands of people.

  • The Artist’s Way helps free you of creative blocks that are limiting your full expression as the unique, remarkable being you came here to be.
  • It guides you beautifully to discover your own heart path, your gifts and passions.
  • And it teaches you how to co-create your own life of passion, purpose and deep play, from wherever you are starting now.

In this free introduction, you’ll also be guided through a meditation to connect with your own creative spark and discover where it is leading you at this time in your life.

Letter From a Student:

“The Artist Way course with Maxima was one of the best experiences that I have ever participated in hands down. Not only was that whole time period so vibrant and alive for me, but truly unexpected life changes, especially the ones I didn’t even know I desperately needed…, so potently and beautifully emerged throughout the course in such powerfully synchronistic ways. I loved it!! Months after the class had concluded, the most beautiful unanticipated gifts had suddenly become part of my life…or maybe more accurately they Returned to my life. 

I remain tremendously in debt to Maxima to this day. The healing and journey continue for me, alternately bringing me back ‘home’ and thrilling me in the healthiest ways. Maxima’s skill set is so vast, she is an exceptionally gifted channel for this path of healing and creativity. She generously offers a multitude of supportive practices that are unique to her instruction which go way beyond the course as shared in Julia Cameron’s book alone.” —M.A.

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