Today I share with you a garland of inspiration to feed your creative fires. You’ll find here 7 of my favorite posts that I shared on my Brilliant Playground Facebook page this past month. May these help you bring more singing, dancing, writing, creating, dreaming, and playing into your life.

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Here’s your garland of inspiration—enjoy!

1. A poetry prompt in honor of National Poetry Month for all you poets and writers or anyone who wants to try their hand at creative writing.“Ode to Okra by Kevin Young”

2. is a treasure chest of wonderful quotes from interesting people. Here’s a quote from their site to help free you from the grip of perfectionism and take action toward your heart’s dreams.

3. I love to sing! This article explains why singing is such a pleasurable way to spend time with others, and what singing together can do for us and our world. “The Neuroscience of Singing”

4. We all pursue happiness. But happiness without meaning attached can be empty. This interview with writer, Emily Esfahani Smith reveals the underlying joy that helps us tell our story. “Why the Pursuit of Happiness Should Really be the Pursuit of Meaning”

5. “Reclaiming Raasleela — the playfulness of life” An Indian sect has reclaimed an ancient ritual that incorporates dance, poetry and playfulness as an act of deep healing. “Rasleela is played, not performed.”

6. One of my quotes that I think forms the basis of much of what I teach, about where our innate creativity draws its energy from.

7. Steven Pressfield’s blog is one of the few I follow and read religiously. He’s the author of a great book about overcoming resistance to creating called “The War of Art” and a brilliant and deeply heart-centered writer on the creative process. I loved this post of his: “Working on Two Tracks”