holding hands on beachI am celebrating our beautiful interwoven-ness today. Every day in every thing we do, we are dependent upon thousands of beings, seen and unseen, past and present. We are held and supported by thousands of hands. How beautiful it is to be a part of the web of all life, intimately related and connected.

When we touch that sense of oneness, a deep peace and freedom comes over us. We throw off the limitations of the small self–our past, our beliefs–and enter an infinite field of possibility, inspiration, creativity, love and wisdom that is so powerful.

This is available in every moment. Ah. Take a breath now and let yourself feel that, simply by opening to it, even if you feel just a glimmer. That is enough.

Today, I invite you to play with me. Enter the inner sanctum of my playground…Here’s how:

Become a Brilliant Playmate!
Keep Your Creative Fires Burning and Your Dreams Alive!

threewomentoastingWhat is it?

♥ Expert teaching, proven tools and loving guidance every month to foster your creativity and cultivate your heart’s dreams.

♥ Creative community with like-minded souls where you connect, learn, grow, dream and create, to keep you inspired and empowered.

♥ The nourishment and support every artist and dreamer needs to thrive and stay the course

.…At an incredibly affordable price

What You Get

  • Access to a monthly teleclass to ignite your creativity and your heart’s dreams and keep you on your path of fulfillment and joy. Featuring a monthly theme with guided processes and an open Q&A session where you can get my expert mentoring. Priceless!
  • An audio recording of the teleclass to listen to whenever you need inspiration and direction.
    Homeplay suggestions and sparks delivered to your inbox once a month to give you powerful tools and clear steps to create your brilliant, artful life.
  • An mp3 of one of my inspired guided meditations each month (folks rave about these!) to access the wisdom and brilliance of your creativity and your heart and open the way to manifesting your dreams.
  • An online forum to connect with other Brilliant Playmates. Share your dreams, find collaborators, friendship and support. The power of a co-creative field like this is extraordinary for catapulting our dreams forward in our lives and helping us stay the course when the going gets tough.
  • Bonus gifts, sweet deals and special invitations throughout the year just for my Playmates! Once you enter this inner sanctum of the Playground, you are one of my special peeps and gifts and goodies will keep coming your way.

The totally, outrageously awesome thing about this is:

It’s only $27 a month. Whoa. Look at all you get for that!

There’s no commitment. You can stop at any time. And you can start again at any time.

But wait! Even more outrageous and amazing:

hummingbird-at-a-hibiscus-flower-thumb24086491If you sign up as an inaugural member by July 15, you receive:

A special bonus price of just $18 a month for the first six months.

And, I’ll even send you a photo of my perfect feet and a copy of one of my gorgeous poems to inspire you to walk your heart path. Wow!

Help me reach my dream of 30 members by July 15 by joining now!


Why Join?

two women friends laughingBecoming a Brilliant Playmate is one of the easiest, surest and most affordable ways to keep your creative fires burning and your dreams alive.

Learn extraordinary tools to ignite your inspiration, passion and spark and keep those fires burning for a lifetime of creative play.

Discover your heart’s dreams, and learn elements of my potent, proven, step-by-step process to have your dreams come true. Become an artist of your life, empowered to create what you desire.

You’ll have the encouragement, guidance and community that every artist and dreamer needs in order to create an extraordinary life. You’ll be accessing the magic power of that community and having deep resources to turn to when you need them.

It’s ridiculously inexpensive and there’s zero commitment.
Try it for a month and see if you like it.

By joining this community you are saying YES to yourself, your creative spark and your heart’s dreams, and ensuring you have the ongoing support you need to thrive.

To join us now, for just $18 before July 15 (or $27 after that), or to find out more, click here!