How To Free Yourself to Create the Life (and World) Your Heart Dreams Of —

A completely FREE, interactive webinar


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You want more from life, more fulfillment, passion, creativity, connection, joy.

You keep pushing it down, putting it off, second-guessing yourself or just ignoring it as best you can.

You don’t know how to make your dreams a reality or perhaps even what they are. You have projects or aspirations that have sat on the shelf for years.

You realize the clock is ticking and you don’t have all the time in the world…

Join me for this free online workshop. See how you can get unstuck and reclaim your natural passion, inspiration and energy to create your heart’s desires.

I will show you how to…

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  • Tune into your heart’s desire that is calling you to your most brilliant life. (Hint: This is a key to you being truly fulfilled.)
  • Uncover a “life sentence” that’s been keeping that dream out of reach (and has been holding you back all over your life).
  • Free yourself from that “life sentence” through a profound process that transforms your blocks into blessings to unleash your natural inspiration, brilliance and energy. (This one blows people away.)
  • Stop blaming yourself and start appreciating your unique gifts. (Isn’t it time you did?)
  • Learn to move toward your heart’s desires from enthusiasm, joy and love, instead of trying to force your way with willpower (or just giving up on them).
  • Get unstuck now.

We will tune into excitement, clarity and possibility, and you will leave with a way forward.

I’m going to teach you the tools that have transformed my life and helped me create remarkable dreams.

Because these tools are so vital to us all living as the extraordinary beings we came here to be, and because I am passionate about us all stepping up to be those amazing beings, I’m offering this workshop for FREE:

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 • 4:00 – 5:30 pm Pacific Time
Live Interactive Webinar

It’s just 90 minutes long, full of remarkable content, and it’s free.

To register, click here.

There will be a recording, but you’ll want to attend live because this will be highly interactive and you’ll have a chance to work with me directly.

Testimonial from the Workshop

With just the simplest guidance necessary, Maxima led me to an area that I had actually had a very lifelong issue. More than feeling stuck, I considered it resolved as there was nothing much left to deal with, having exhausted all approaches to the matter. The issue began at my birth and had to do with a lack of bonding with my mother, (the short version).

Throughout my life this past occurrence has haunted me and included itself in intimate relations within myself and the significant women I have had the fortune to share some time with. When exploring re-birthing it came up, discussing the details surrounding my early days after being born with my Mom and Dad, it was a stumbling point. With embarrassed feelings that could not quite be breached. In sacred shamanic sessions it showed up for deeper healing and understanding. All of these healing adventures no doubt have contributed some degree to get me where I was when participating in the intro workshop.

However, what happened during the inner work guided by Maxima took me by surprise. … Through the simple guidance I went to a place where I was a sovereign being, untouched by the stories I had come to rely on for my identity. I felt a freedom entering into a more direct interface with life just as it is, and the stories fell away.

Now, several weeks later, I still feel that an irreversible changed occurred.…
Maxima did that with her work, simple yet effective.…she accomplished something that I had not been able to do for myself over decades. I also noticed that I was not alone as it was obvious that others attending got a great deal from the encounter. —Douglas R.