On Monday, August 21 there will be a total solar eclipse and a new moon. There was a partial lunar eclipse on the full moon on August 7.

The time between these eclipses is said by astrologers to be the biggest energetic portal of the year. A time for transformation, openings, and a major reset.

You may have noticed it’s been pretty darn tumultuous in the outer world. Painful and challenging situations. Lots of upheaval.

So, what does that mean in practical terms for us?

These two weeks between the eclipses can feel chaotic, full of stresses, upheavals and unexpected events. They may be bringing up our shadow selves and the collective shadow, unhealed aspects of our lives, false beliefs, limiting patterns and challenging situations.

The only reason our shadow aspects ever arise is to help us heal, grow and become the free, alive, radiant beings that we truly are.

When difficult situations arise, we can collapse in despair, fear or helplessness, or we can reaffirm our deepest values, what we cherish, and the world we wish to create for ourselves and all of life. And we can commit to our part in that Divine play.

Creativity is never more important than in times of social and political unrest. Artists are the standard bearers for the community, holding a vision of the possible, upholding values not cherished in our current society.

Preparing for the Eclipse

Door Into GardenTo make the most of this time:

  • Slow down and get connected to your heart
  • Make extra time for your spiritual practices
  • Spend time in nature, connecting with the wisdom there
  • Journal on those shadow aspects that you are ready to transform, those aspects of your life and your world you wish to transform, and
  • Set clear intentions on what you desire to co-create with Life now.

Give yourself time to see what needs letting go, transforming, resetting in your life and in our world. What do you personally need to forgive, transform or release?

What do you wish to cooperate with Life in creating, not just for you personally, but what kind of world do you wish to co-create?

What ways of bringing that about align with your unique gifts, your passions and interests and abilities?

Write them down.

What If I Don’t Know What I Want?

Even if you think you don’t know what you wish to call in or create, you probably know how you wish to feel. That’s the place to start.

  • Do you wish to feel profoundly creative and inspired?
  • Do you wish to feel deeply fulfilled and of service?
  • Do you wish to feel strongly empowered and aligned with right action?
  • Do you wish to be free of fear and stress? To be at peace, in deep appreciation and gratitude?

Let those feelings be your clear vision and intention.

Committed But Not Attached

If there are specific things you’d like to co-create, clearly intend those too, but hold them lightly. Be committed but not attached to the outcomes or specifics. This is the most powerful creative stance.

For instance, I am committed to finding a wonderful publisher for my book of poems. But who that is and the timing of that I leave to the Divine. I take the steps. I am clear on my dream and intention. I embody the dream. And I let go.

Get clear and connected to Heart before taking action. Otherwise, our actions are reactions arising from fear, anger, hurt, ego. I would encourage you to hold off on taking big actions until after the eclipse, if possible. We’re still in a time of reset and re-evaluation. See this astrology report for more on that.

Then join me next week, the day after the eclipse, on our free webinar. We’ll dive into the 6 Essential Ingredients you need to thrive in your creative life. To register for that, click here.

To a world in which all life is honored,