I have been thinking a lot about dreams and goals.

How do we follow our heart’s dreams in this age of imminent destruction of our planet, our familiar ways of living?

Why even dream in such a dire, uncertain time?

For the same reasons we always have.

To live our fullest, richest life. To share our gifts. To serve the world.

We need these even more at a time of global crisis and collapse.

Dreaming a New Story

Now is not the time to stand by and watch. Now is not the time to play small, contented with our first-world comforts and distractions, held back by our fears and doubts.

Now is the time to participate in the dreaming of a new story for our world, the creation of a better way for all. Now is the time to be our best selves, to create all the beauty and wonder we can.

We are magnificent beings. Yet too often we squander our magnificence, our extraordinary imaginations, our unique gifts and co-creative powers.

In Times of Crisis We Need Dreamers

When faced with widespread massacre of their lands and peoples, Native Americans did not stop vision-questing, walking the path of the spiritual warrior.

Indigenous peoples are not stopping now either. Many carry on with passion to uphold what is precious, sacred. To spread a message of a different way of living. They carry on with joy.

Photo by Hubert Chaland on Unsplash

Because nothing will bring you joy like walking your heart path. And nothing brings pain and dis-ease like ignoring your heart path.

We see all over our world today the cost of not following our hearts and souls. It eats us alive, creates disease, depression and violence, and destroys our precious planet and societies.

In this way, we are called to our destinies, our dreams, our service here. By following our joy.

Your Heart Path

So, the dreams I teach people how to hear and follow are the dreams of your heart and soul. These are the dreams embedded in you since you were born and given to you along your path to call you to your best life, your greatest contribution, who you really are and what the worlds needs from you.

The dreams I teach others how to realize—and the ones I seek to follow myself—are not the decadent, ego-driven desires dangled alluringly by so many new-age teachings on manifestation or by the messages delivered through our culture.

I do want you to thrive, to not be struggling. I want you to have all you need to live well in body, mind, heart and spirit. Because it is very hard to do our best work and to shine in our gifts when we are under-resourced, under-supported or under-appreciated.

Yes, we need to thrive. That is foundational to any life, to have enough to live well and do the work (sacred play) we are called to do, and be. Sufficiency, not excess.

To follow a soul-centered dream is a hero’s journey, a radical, bold quest. And not a feeding of ego’s insatiable desires. In fact, it will strip you of those along the path. So that you can be truly joyful, whole and free.

When we are living in and from this place of wholeness, freedom and joy, we are a huge gift to the world, no matter how large or small our circle of influence appears to be.

Committed to Joy

This is what I am committed to guiding others to live out. This is what I have spent decades gathering and honing tools and practices to help myself and others do. To walk our heart paths, to live our truths, to shine in the fullness of who we are, to live with true joy.

The way does not have to be all heavy and hard. The way can be filled with delight, fun, play, silliness, ease.

Yes, there will be moments that try you, that bring you to your knees. This is a path of growth.

But there will also be grace, love in abundance, deep pleasure and fulfillment.

This does not mean you will be happy all the time, but you can have an inner joy that carries you through sorrow, challenge, loss, fear and anger.

Because joy is a meta-emotion, our Ground of Being, our natural state.

But most of us have challenges, hindrances and old patterns to work through in order to come back to that natural Ground of Being.

Your path of dreams—what your heart and soul long for—will call you there.

This is Soul Play

Photo by Amaury Salas

As we name our dreams and take the steps—both inner and outer—to bring them to reality, let us keep remembering that this is soul play.

We are called to step up, to leave our smallness, pettiness and addiction to deadening comforts behind. So we can shine in our inherent greatness for the benefit of all beings.

The path of dreams I teach is a path of fulfillment. It is a path of heart, courage and beauty. A gift to our world.

If you would like support in finding and following your unique path—we all need support and mentorship in this—I invite you to schedule a free Discovery Session with me. Together, we will explore whether Creative Life Coaching with me is right for you at this time.

Please know that this is not a quick fix approach. This requires time, commitment and action. If you plan on getting life coaching from me or anyone else, you usually need to invest for a year or longer to really see results. But you can try it out and see how it goes.