Just two days left in this year before we enter the new! Will you take time to lay the foundation for an inspired year ahead?

To support you in this, I feel moved to send you this from the archives:
My post on Harvesting the Old, Dreaming the New.

In it, I share my process for gleaning the gifts of the outgoing year, clearing space for the new, and tuning into the dreaming of the new year in you. So you can create an inspired year from your heart instead of from a tiring list of shoulds.

It’s so valuable to make time and space for this now.

In this way:

  • You learn from and honor what has gone before.
  • You clear anything that would hold you back and prepare the garden bed for the flowering to come.
  • And you align yourself with your own heart and soul wisdom to guide you in creating your new year.

    So that it comes from heart and not from your fear-based mind or sense of lack.

You tap true inspiration and vision, which is there just waiting for you to get quiet enough to hear it. And courageous enough to follow it.

So you can live into your own magnificence and joy and contentment. So you can be the gift you are to this world.

I invite you to read this post to inspire you to take time for this process. Please don’t feel it all has to happen this weekend. I often take all of January to complete this harvesting and visioning process.

Give it the time it needs, but attend to it. Give it care. Make space for it in your life.

You’ll notice how different your year feels when it’s guided by and stays connected to this heart vision.

Maxima KahnIf you would like support in this process, I would be honored and delighted to do this sacred play with you in my one-on-one Creative Life Coaching & Creativity Mentoring.

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I’ll teach you simple, effective tools for centering your life around what you most love and value, what lights you up and empowers you to share your gifts with the world.

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To your soulful, inspired year,