With the spirit of Invitation, you invite your Dream to come to you, to be realized in your life.

You invite support, resources, guidance, people, openings to appear as you need them. You open to receive.

You cultivate the spirit of invitation by becoming inviting and welcoming to the Dream and to Life. You consciously welcome it in, instead of unconsciously holding it at bay with your doubts, fears and false beliefs (These will be there, but you keep cultivating and choosing to be invitational to the Dream). You make a soft spot for your Dream to land in your life.

You allow the path to show you the way and you allow it to be as easeful as it can, not needing to make it hard to prove your false beliefs are true. You don’t fight with the Dream nor fight your way to the Dream. You don’t idolize suffering and hard work. But you also don’t abandon the Dream, expecting Life to do all the work. You stay committed, open and inviting, connected, receptive, welcoming, excited to see it manifest and committed to staying in action toward the Dream, doing your part.

Imagine holding a party for your Dream and inviting it to show up. Imagine inviting all the beings and things you also need for the Dream to show up too. Allow yourself to be in partnership with Life in co-creating your Dreams.

How could you be more invitational to that which you desire now? Write me and tell me your thoughts. I’d love to hear what opens up for you in cultivating the spirit of Invitation.

love, maxima